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Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Put-In-Place
  • Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Put-In-Place
  • Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Put-In-Place
  • Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Put-In-Place

Logitech Harmony 600,650,665,700 ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Put-In-Place

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Super easy to install!

Put-In-Place button repair membrane

No individual parts to align and stick down

DIY: Do It Yourself

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Assembling these has proven to be more difficult than the peel and stick version but more importantly the materials used caused a laser fire which required a lot of repair and down time. I had hoped to find ways to make assembly easier and more reliable but the laser fire has made this a bad idea for major production. 

Put-In-Place means there are no small individual parts that need to be stuck down. It's easier to install and easier to remove. It's larger than the condensed peel-and stick version so requires more time and materials to make.

Put-In-Place Logitech Harmony Button Repair Pad

The ButtonWorx™ membrane keypad permanently fixes the buttons by inserting a new keypad between the original buttons and the circuit board. New electrical contacts that never wear out like the rubber keypads do and it blocks any oil or dirt from causing problems in the future.

  • • Crazy simple installation! 
  • • Carbon film that never wears out
  • • No Paint or glue that would chip and flake off
  • • Tested for over 1 million button presses with no sign of wear


If you are not having trouble with the snap dome keys Don't Repair Them
Volume, Channel, Play, Pause, Arrows and OK
If you are having trouble then I recommend Deoxit GOLD G100L (available as an optional add-on). You could also use Isopropyl alcohol. 

If you don't often use the number buttons at the bottom of the remote, don't worry about them. Just install the repair pad
If you DO use the number buttons or if you are already having trouble with those buttons, then I recommend peeling back and cutting the bottom of the white sticker found on the circuit board and attaching it to the top of the repair pad. This makes a significant difference in how easily those buttons respond to a light button press.


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Awesome product

I had my 650 remote fixed within 20 minutes following your video guide. Plus you saved me a lot of money from not having to buy a new remote. Thank you

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star Verified Purchaser

Best Plug and Play

Received the item intact. Easy to install. Received it on 25 June 2022 in Singapore

star star star star star

Fixed it!

Watched the video while I did the work. No problems at all. I was surprised at the oil that the buttons leak. It was more than I expected. It was good to be forwarned. Logitech 700.

star star star star star

Just What the Doctor Ordered

Simply getting the "Turn Off Assistant" button to work was worth the price of admission. But the repair didn't end there: all the other buttons which were inoperative or flaky — including a custom "TiVo Captions" button —now work properly (and those which were working seem more responsive). The repair took perhaps fifteen minutes, of which five or so were spent making sure that the alcohol had dried. No peeling the white layer or deoxit needed. And no problems with the number buttons. Highly recommended.

star star star star star

Remotes brought back from the graveyard!

I have often questioned myself about why I've been keeping my old Logitech Harmony remotes. (They haven't worked right in years.) Then, I ran across Ben's YouTube tutorial on how to repair these remotes. I decided to try it and ordered two to test out. Repairs were easy enough for a novice tinkerer like myself. And upon assembling the first remote, I tried it out. Every single button was restored to perfect working order! I can't tell you how thrilled I am to have them working again--not to mention the money saved, as I was about to order new ones. I highly recommend the ButtonWorx-Harmony700-PIP repair kit. I'm ordering five more to repair for friends and family! They think I'm a genius. Thanks Ben!