ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT
  • ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT

ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT

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29 Fantbulous buttons in assorted shape and size. Use them to repair worn rubber keypad switches in countless devices. 

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ButtonWorx™ Universal Button Repair Kit

29 Total Buttons - 7 Sizes
(8x 7mm) (8x 5mm) (3x 4mm) (2x 3mm) (4x 5x10mm) (2x 6x12mm) (2x 5x13mm)
  • • Never wears out! *Satisfaction Guaranteed*
  • • No glues, epoxy or paint
  • • Will not chip, scratch, peel or fall off
  • • Tested over 1 million button presses
  • • Easy peel and stick application
  • • Can be cut down some with scissors for tighter spaces 

Air Mail Ships quickly Worldwide by letter envelope 

This button repair works in most rubber keypad contact switches to restore like-new button function
Does not work for snap-dome metal switches
If your keypad is made with rubber contacts for the switch (with or without plastic key caps) this is what you need to restore function permanently. BUT since there are countless designs of rubber buttons there may be some that are too tightly packed or unusual construction that do not allow a universal button to operate properly. If this does not work for what you need - LET ME KNOW! I will do my best to help you and if we can solve it, the solution can be added to the product line.

Now keep in mind that no "universal" repair solution can work in every conceivable device. ButtonWorx™ individual buttons will work in the most common rubber keypad designs which should cover about 99% of what's out there. There are countless different devices however and occasionally I run into some of them need special techniques. If the button design is complex with a lot of extras in the mix then a button could need to be very specific shape to fit around components, it could need a thicker spacer or a slit cut to make it more flexible for really soft buttons. Sometimes universal isn't the answer or maybe just not practical. That's why ButtonWorx™ comes in hundreds of designs for specific needs with new designs being made all the time.



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star star star star star

Still working flawlessly

Fixed my hand held 2-way radio 10 months ago when the power switch stopped working. Still working perfectly

star star star star star

Fixed my Jaguar remote

The only actual fix for older Jaguar keyless entry remotes I've ever found. Worked flawlessly.

star star star star star

Arrived in 10 days

The repair kit arrived southern Ontario ten days from the date of the email with the photo of the envelope.
The instructions were clear and easy to follow. My RC-20 remote works a bit better than before.

star star star star star

Order delivery time.

Placed order on Nov.14/23 and it arrived in Victoria, British Columbia,Canada on Nov.24/23.

star star star star star

Works great

Received in Quebec Canada in 13 days . Repaired Echostar remote used on Bell satellite receiver- seems to work great