ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT
  • ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT

ButtonWorx™ Individual Button Kit BW-29KIT

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29 Fantbulous buttons in assorted shape and size. Use them to repair worn rubber keypad switches in countless devices. 

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ButtonWorx™ Universal Button Repair Kit

29 Total Buttons - 7 Sizes
(8x 7mm) (8x 5mm) (3x 4mm) (2x 3mm) (4x 5x10mm) (2x 6x12mm) (2x 5x13mm)
  • • Never wears out! *Satisfaction Guaranteed*
  • • No glues, epoxy or paint
  • • Will not chip, scratch, peel or fall off
  • • Tested over 1 million button presses
  • • Easy peel and stick application
  • • Can be cut down some with scissors for tighter spaces 

Air Mail Ships quickly Worldwide by letter envelope 

This button repair works in most rubber keypad contact switches to restore like-new button function
Does not work for snap-dome metal switches
If your keypad is made with rubber contacts for the switch (with or without plastic key caps) this is what you need to restore function permanently. BUT since there are countless designs of rubber buttons there may be some that are too tightly packed or unusual construction that do not allow a universal button to operate properly. If this does not work for what you need - LET ME KNOW! I will do my best to help you and if we can solve it, the solution can be added to the product line.

Now keep in mind that no "universal" repair solution can work in every conceivable device. ButtonWorx™ individual buttons will work in the most common rubber keypad designs which should cover about 99% of what's out there. There are countless different devices however and occasionally I run into some of them need special techniques. If the button design is complex with a lot of extras in the mix then a button could need to be very specific shape to fit around components, it could need a thicker spacer or a slit cut to make it more flexible for really soft buttons. Sometimes universal isn't the answer or maybe just not practical. That's why ButtonWorx™ comes in hundreds of designs for specific needs with new designs being made all the time.



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Great product to buy or give as a gift!

I have a Sony RM-VLZ620 universal learning remote that I have used for years to control a bunch of electronics and some of the heavily used buttons were starting to wear thin and lose conductivity, namely the volume/channel/power/menu buttons. These buttons were starting to require deeper presses in order to make contact with the remote control's circuit board so I decided to act on this issue. There were two options:

A) Spend ~$30 for a brand new replacement remote and reprogram all the custom buttons and sequences , or
B) Spend ~$10 for a ButtonWorx repair kit and hopefull solve the button issue permanently

I'm glad I chose option B) because I am here to tell you, a potential ButtonWorx customer, that it will be worth your hard earned cash.

When properly installed underneath any worn down buttons, these conductive ButtonWorx pads hover directly above the remote control's circuit traces and will complete the circuit with less stroke than before when the buttons are pressed. These ButtonWorx pads have double sided 3M pressure-sensitive adhesive installed around the perimeter of each ButtonWorx patch and this adhesive ingeniously serves two purposes:

1) The 3M PSA acts as a spacer to ensure that the conductive patch of the ButtonWorx doesn't inadvertently change your TV's volume/channel/input/etc without your command, and
2) The 3M PSA adheres the ButtonWorx patches to the remote control's circuit board to keep it properly positioned.

Ideally you should install a ButtonWorx patch underneath every single button but that would likely require multiple ButtonWorx sets. If you're like me and only want to repair the buttons that are worn down, just look for the rubber buttons that have a worn down and shinier surface than the others and place a properly sized ButtonWorx patch underneath the corresponding circuit trace, hopefully my photos will help.

I like this product enough to give it a 45-minute writeup and hopefull I can prevent some perfectly good remotes from unnecessarily ending in a landfill. Thanks ButtonWorx!

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Finally a product that works

I love your product. I've been applying a light coat of conductive paint to the pads for a number of years and each application never lasted very long. I even tried to slice a thin layer off of an old remote pad. But as you say, nothing sticks to the rubber. Thanks for thinking outside the box and solving an old nagging problem.

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Worked fantastic!

This is the remote I used your button works to fix. The power button would not work at all anymore. You had to almost push it through the device. Works so well now you barely Touch it. Sorry I didn't send you a picture when it was a part. It's so simple to use you really don't need to do that. These controllers cost over $70 as a replacement. Your product is fantastic! Works great thank you for your engineering skills. The device is a Yamaha RAV 383
Capital WN98370

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I have tried all kinds of repairs for my remotes that the buttons started to go bad. At first, you have to push harder and harder on buttons to make them work. Sometimes so hard that I have broken fingernails pushing so hard. Finally the bad buttons on my remote stopped working. The ones that go first are the ones you use the most. I have a bunch or universal remotes I bought as a repair at first, and programmed them " learning remotes" that copy any key on any remote. When they started to go, I bought new ones, but $18 remotes then went up to $80 and I was happy to pay that; however, when the $80 remotes started wearing out, I went to internet and they were discontinued!So at first I tried various black stuff YOU put on worn out buttons, waited a day for them to dry, then tried them out and they worked for an hour or so, then stopped. Took remote apart and all black stuff fell of buttons. Did this several times WITH SAME result, so I gave up on that. Next, I cut out little pices of aluminium foil and glued little dots to remote buttons. A very tedious job. This worked perfectly for COUPLE of days, but they fell off. I finally found these buttonworx buttons, cleaned up circuit board with alcohol, stuck buttons on circuit board, and POOF! A PERMANENT REPAIR! BUTTONS ARE EASIER TO PUSH THAN NEW, AND WORK PERFECTLY FOR YEARS NOW!Now, years later other buttons going bad so bought 3 packs of buttons and will repair more bad worn out original buttons.Another thing, I have a DVR that remote started going bad years ago before i discovered Buttonworx, so i bought new remote for $90. A year later started having trouble with DVR remote and found them on sale for $15! So i bought 6 of them; however, when i needed new one, i pulled out a never used new $15 remote and it had same problem. After long investigation i realized that over time, as the remotes age, they change shape just enough so buttons don't touch circuit board. Then i found Buttonworx buttons and used them on DVR remotes, and POO,like new!I LOVE THESE BUTTONWORX BUTTONS AND TELL YOU TO BUY THEM AND FIX ALL YOUR OLD REMOTES AND HAVE PIECE OF MIND!!!

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I wish I could give these things ten stars

I wish I could give these things ten stars, I am so so happy! I have a very expensive but older Hunter programmable thermostat, and the temp up & temp down buttons were plain worn out. I've taken it apart & cleaned it a couple times, but that wasn't working anymore. It took maybe five minutes to pull it off the wall, wipe with alcohol & put the new buttons in. Bingo now everything works just like new again. My next project is a Viking sewing machine with a worn out reverse button that doesnt work anymore. Thank you Buttonworx. EDIT....These worked like a charm on my sewing machine. The reverse button is as sensitive as the day I brought it home. Easily saved me a $200 repair bill.