Terms and conditions

Rule 1

ButtonWorx™ manufactures and sells Do-It-Yourself button repair technologies. These products require varying skills of Do-It-Yourself tinkering. In most cases you need to take apart your device using various tools. Any attempted repair is at your own risk. ButtonWorx™ will not be held responsible for product damage or bodily harm that could occur while trying to use the product. In all cases you must remove power to any device before attempting to work on it. It is expressly forbidden to install ButtonWorx™ while doing hand-stands on your roof in a lightning storm. Please use common sense in all other situations and scenarios.  

Rule 2

No Phone Calls, No Exceptions
Customers can contact ButtonWorx™ by email, web-form, SMS Text messaging and Voice Mail (VM for leaving information only, calls will not be returned)

Rule 3

Letter Mail has no guaranteed delivery date. The estimated delivery for letter mail is just that, an estimate, which can sometimes be very wrong. If your order is delayed past expected delivery there is nothing we can do to track down your order or provide more information. Once the order is mailed out, there is no way to stop the eventual delivery. Late mail is usually caused by temporary set backs like holidays, bottlenecks, mail put on the wrong truck, etc... Most missing mail is eventually delivered. Before we can consider your delayed mail lost or unreasonably delayed we have to wait long enough to give USPS a chance. How long depends on your location and time of year. Is your address correct, complete and do you receive Letter Mail at that location? Have you seen the photo snapshot of your envelope sent to you at shipment time?
If delivery time is a concern you should consider First Class Package or Priority Mail, especially around the holidays.  

Rule 4

Be kind! ButtonWorx™ has amazing customer service! We do not require our customers to be amazing but I know most of you are! After all, by repairing your old buttons rather than trashing your device you are helping save the planet and what could be more amazing than that?!? However, if you happen to be one of those customers that jumps to rude accusations from step one and unwilling to even consider that maybe you ordered the wrong thing and you can't really be upset that you were sent what you ordered.... well then don't expect anyone here to bend over backwards. We aren't going to take responsibility for your error and the blame as well. That's just too much to ask. Of course if there was an error on our part we will bend over backwards to fix it! Don't you worry.