If you can't find what you need. Contact me with a photo of the device you need buttons / keypads made or repaired

This is how I find new products to make... from questions like yours! Please contact me

If your product is something I want to add to my inventory (because it has some demand) then most of the time I will make the repair for free in exchange for your help. 

This is how it works:

I need a flat bed scan of the underside of the keypad and the circuit board if possible. If you can only scan the keypad that's OK but I'll need good photos of the circuit board and possibly some measurements. If you don't have a scanner, then photos with a ruler may work for small devices with few buttons. For anything large (say bigger than a playing card) or more than 10 buttons I really need that scan.

I will then make a sample keypad repair and mail it to you. Then you can try it out and send me photos of the product installed in your device so I can see if I think anything need moving or resizing. If it does need work then I will make adjustments and send you the new design.  

For photos: 
Any photo taken at an angle or off center will drastically warp the measurements. I need to stay within 0.5mm accuracy on a typical design so any weirdness causes problems fast. If there are a lot of holes and components on the board to avoid it can be very difficult to work with photos. 

If you can in any way use a scanner (maybe a friend has one) they provide the perfect image to design with. 

Custom made flexible FPC keypads

Need a simple keypad made?

Don't need 10K of them?

No problem!

High quality, low quantity, simple keypads made to your specifications. You can provide complete drawings or just a sketch. 

  • No tooling charge
  • No setup fee
  • Outdoor quality 
    Waterproof & UV protection

For keypads with a small number of buttons (probably less than 20 individual buttons) 

Standard connector spacing of 2.54mm pitch, header or receptacle connector. 

Metal dome switches (flat push button) 

Simple artwork and button labeling available

3D printed button overlays possible