Since opening a telephone repair shop in 1993 the number one issue has never changed.

#1 Issue: Button Failure

When offering a 1 year or lifetime warranty on heavily used business phones, a better solution for repairing buttons was always the goal. Understanding the cause of button failure was critical in designing a repair technique that would last. Rubber keypads are an inexpensive design and work great under most conditions when made well. However cutting manufacturing costs always comes into play and an easy way to do that is reduce the heating and drying time for silicone rubber keypads. That leaves behind oil residue locked inside the rubber like a sponge. But with each press of the switch, a minuscule drop of oil leaks out.  Over time this can build up to a gooey, sticky substance that clogs up buttons making them harder to press or fail altogether.

Membrane snap domes are sometimes used to add a blocking layer between the rubber and the contact switch but these are not fool proof solutions. Conductive paint on the snap dome eventually wears off as the plastic is flexed repeatedly. Metal snap domes build up oxidization and loose their conductivity.

Mass produced membrane keypads are all made with either a conductive paint or metal snap dome. Neither of these methods are indestructible. ButtonWorx designed membrane keypads and buttons use carbon conductive material. The material will never crack or chip and cannot build up oxidation like metal parts can. We have tested the material with over 1 million button presses for over 10 years. We have never seen the material wear out even on the most heavily used devices.

ButtonWorx is the brand name for the membrane keypad repair technique created and used by P1Repair.
P1Repair.com designs button solutions for all types of electronic devices. Select from stock designs made for specific models, use individual peel and stick buttons on almost any device, or have a special design made for your product that will help speed up repair with a more reliable installation.