WonderSwan Button Repair Pad
  • WonderSwan Button Repair Pad
  • WonderSwan Button Repair Pad

WonderSwan Button Repair Pad

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ButtonWorx™ button repair for the WonderSwan retro hand held gaming system.

Works with WonderSwan Color & WonderSwan Crystal The power button for this device has a massive flaw! The circuit board was designed for a soldered physical push button switch but after production they decided to change it to a rubber plunger button. The circuit board contacts are designed for a soldered button complete with green solder mask and white insulation coating. The rubber button must be squished into the crevasse created by these coatings AND the electricity must conduct over a much wider gap than normally designed into rubber buttons.

Ships World-Wide by cheap Letter Envelope

The specially designed ButtonWorx™ repair pad for WonderSwan can bend down into the gaps created by the masking on the circuit board. This is the only real solution to get the power button working properly.


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Enough said -- this little doodad made my power button much more reliable. Amazing fix for the price. Thank you for your tutorial and help!

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Fairly easy to install, works great

Just got the button repair kit for my WonderSwan SwanCrystal (no screen mod). Took less than 10 minutes to complete and works great. I had to cut the plastic for a the 4-button part (follow the path, use a sharp hobby knife and go very slowly) because the scoring wasn't all the way through on some parts, and had to trim a little off of A-B that hung slightly over the circuit board. I only really needed the power button but did them all because they were there - works great on every button. Recommend, for sure.

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Seems to work great

The buttons definitely feel more responsive, but I'm unable to test it as I cannot find any of my games. Arrived in just four days. Installation was pretty straightforward, but slightly complicated because of the backlit screen I had previously installed.

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Improves ALL the buttons - they should make this more clear!

From the description it only sounds like this will help the power button. You can see from the product image that it has something for every button, but they don't really mention this. The other buttons don't need it nearly as badly, but I found it made them more responsive, and gave the controls a better feel all around. Their description should really emphasize that it is more than a power button fix. It is definitely more of an improvement than I'd expect for $5.95. If it was only the power button, whish is extra mushy as they explain, I'd say it depends on how much the power button bugs you. However, it is a no-brainer for $5.95 to add a tad more life to all the buttons. Highly recommended.

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Can now turn on my WSC

Super easy to install, and allows you to power on and off the device without resorting to damaging forces lol.A massive written guide is included, and paired with the video tutorial, you will have little to no issues installing this.