ResMed S8 Permanent Button Repair
  • ResMed S8 Permanent Button Repair
  • ButtonWorx membrane repair pad for ResMed S8

ButtonWorx™ ResMed S8 Elite II Escape AutoSet Spirit CPAP VPAP

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ButtonWorx™ Do-It-Yourself button repair

Super easy install!
No need to remove any screws

The ResMed S8 is a great little machine but it has one serious problem with the buttons.

The keypad is designed with carbon painted pads on the end of the silicone pad. These types of buttons are the least reliable. The conductive material can wear out both with use and exposure to air over time. It would take many years but a new unit that has been sitting in the box for a long time could have button problems right out of the box. 

The ButtonWorx™ repair pad is installed without having to remove any screws! Once installed your old keypad (when pressed) will push down on the new button membrane and complete the switch. ButtonWorx™ conductive dots are held just above the circuit board contacts with a very thin spacer. The membrane buttons install by sticking them to the plastic side wall of the button chamber (after temporarily removing the rubber keypad).

ButtonWorx™ material has been tested over 1 million button presses and over a decade. ButtonWorx™ should never wear out under normal circumstances and you should never need to worry about your buttons giving you trouble again. 


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Awesome solution!

I had been struggling with a bad power putting to my ResMed CPAP machine for years! Was about to through it in the trash, but had a last minute idea to search the internet for a solution. I found ButtonWorx and within a week, I had the repair kit, and my machine is fixed!

Thank you!

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Appreciate you!

I received my button replacements for my backup cpap machine (Resmed S8) today here in Alabama. Just installed them and had to text you to let you know how pleased I am with my buttons working 100% now! Thanks for the expedience in shipping to me and the fix for my machine! Happy there are folks out there doing stuff like this!

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Glad I took a chance on this product. The video was very helpful in making the repair. Thank you ButtonWorx.

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Works like a charm !!

Buttons arrived via USPS and with the video about how to install pads, made it really easy. I am a very pleased with the product and timely shipment. The fact that I don’t have to press the button 5-10 times to get it to work now takes the frustration away. Resmed S8 elite cpap button set.

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Resmed Elite II

I have a resmed elite 2.
The start button got so bad I was mashing it over a dozen times a night.
Wiggling and holding, just trying everything.

I found this on an old forum post, and while you might think ~$10 is a lot for some sticky tape and a couple carbon contacts. It's resulted in me keeping a machine that cost me a considerable amount of money.

It works like a charm, one press everytime. It was like magic to be honest. I don't know how long it will last however. So far, so good though.