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Mail to Australia is wildly unpredictable. Many customers report receiving their envelope in 20ish days but there are some that take 2 months or more. I have received some replies that letters arrive late with a sticker on them indicating they were inspected by customs agents. Since it is not unusual for letters to take well over a month to arrive in some circumstances, there is little that can be done before then. After years of mailing envelopes to Australia it is rare that they never show up and any replacement order will likely arrive long after the original. So for me to assume an envelope to Australia is truly lost we would need to wait at least 2 months after the first mailing. Even then it's still more likely to be delivered before a replacement order. This is from experience. Most replacement orders I send are followed by an email a few days later indicating the original just showed up. 

Unfortunately other methods of shipping from USA to Australia are too expensive to consider for orders under $100  


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star star star star star

11 Days to Melbourne

arrived quicker than expected in excellent condition. Now just to fit them.

star star star star star

14 Days to Perth Australia

Very happy with the 14 days to take to get here to Perth, other online stuff I have ordered can take way longer.

star star star star star

Great product, quick delivery

Purchased Mar 15/3/24, arrived 27/3/24

Purchased 4, 2 arrived 12 days later. The other 2 another 7 days after the original. Very good service and all installed and working great.

star star star star star

13 Days to Brisbane

Air mail postmarked 5 Jan in Maine USA.
Good condition in my letterbox early 18 Jan.
Not bad for the Dec/Jan dead zone.

Bonus funky round postage stamp!

Thanks to Ben.

star star star star star

ordered 3rd Jan 2024 arrived 16th Jan 2024

superb quick service and the product is amazing . Finally fixed my Logitech 350 remote
now 1 more 350 and 2 300.
These are still the best remotes