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~40 Days to Geelong Vic.

Email on 19/5/22 said it was being posted. It arrived 27/6/22. There is no indication it went lost or astray. I'd blame Austpost for the slowness!

Reply from ButtonWorx™
Last September through January if mail made it to Australia at all it took 2+ months. One customer received their order after 5 months! Those issues seem to have cleared up. 40 days is longer than average but not unheard of. Who knows what really happens to cause these delays. I have had 2 customers from Australia report their envelope had been opened by customs.
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Fast and efficient

It took about 15 days from date of email saying it had been sent.
Also worked a treat highly recommend

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14 days

Much quicker delivery this time than a couple of years ago for my other remote

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22 days - to Sydney.

Postage took 22 days. Thanks for the great customer support.

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20 days to Wollongong, NSW

Arrived in a reasonable timeframe and the repair kits fixed my remote’s issue so very happy