AT&T 2402 Keypad Repair Pad
  • AT&T 2402 Keypad Repair Pad
  • AT&T 2402 Keypad Repair Pad

AT&T 2402 Keypad Repair Pad

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ButtonWorx™ Button Repair Kit

AT&T 2402 Series 2-line Phones
  • Easy peel and stick installation with instructions and video 
  • Never wears out! *Satisfaction Guaranteed*
  • No glues, epoxy or paint
  • Will not chip, scratch, peel or fall off
  • Tested over 1 million button presses
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Step 1: Remove two screws under battery cover

Use a pry tool or thin credit card plastic to open housing along seem. Start at the bottom and work your way up the sides. 
Do not PULL the housing apart or you will break the red and black wires to the speaker. Instead twist and rock the back housing to loosen the snaps. Open the back housing like a book. 
Remove the 5 screws. The middle screw is different so keep note of that 
The circuit board is held in with 2 plastic side clips.  The headset jack cover will block removal straight up so fold the circuit board up from the left side first. 
The ButtonWorx™ membrane keypad is installed on the circuit board
IMPORTANT! Clean the circuit board with isopropyl alcohol
Peel the brown paper off the membrane keypad and stick it to the circuit board
Be careful not to split the keypad! The brown paper will come off easily and remove no sticky adhesive. If you have difficulty starting the peel at one corner, try another. 

When re-assembling you need to push the charging pads in or the circuit board will not go all the way down. It likes to spring back so you need to hold the board down all the way until you get one of the screws back in place. 

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