Genesis MX-900 Membrane Keypad Repair BW-MX900
  • Genesis MX-900 Membrane Keypad Repair BW-MX900
  • Genesis MX-900 Membrane Keypad Repair BW-MX900

Genesis MX-900 Membrane Keypad Repair BW-MX900

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Genesis MX-900  Membrane Keypad Repair Kit 


  • Permanent Repair
  • No paint ink or glue
  • Will not chip or flake off
  • Tested over 1 Million button presses!
  • Blocks dirt and oils forever

Permanently repairs rubber keypad buttons by replacing the conductive material.

Your buttons fails when the conductive pad wears out and silicone oils seep from the keypad. This gooey paste blocks electrical conductivity and stops the switch from working.
The ButtonWorx membrane keypad blocks dirt and oil from reaching the circuit board and offers a new conductor that cannot break down like rubber conductors do. 

Note: This is for repairing hard to press buttons. If all your buttons stopped working one day, then the remote is broken (not the buttons) and needs repair 

Our membrane keypads are custom cut for each model.

They will not work in any other model.


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Buttonworx Genesis MX900

I just wanted to say that I really thank you for the membrane keypad!
I watched your you tube video step by step and had no trouble repairing the Genesis!
Your directions were very clear and easy to follow, and now the remote buttons work fine!
I am so pleased with your product and the helpful video which made a frustrating instrument work like new!! Definitely 5 stars!!
Thanks a million!!

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I have been using URC MX-900’s remotes for a very long time. Unfortunately after a few years of use they become difficult to operate and unresponsive. In the past, when they would get too difficult I would simply track down a replacement. It is getting harder and harder to find new replacements and it is not particularly economical. I stumbled across these add in button boards and was a little skeptical that they would work. For $12.95 I decided I would give it a try. I have to say they far exceeded my expectations. I bought two and am about to order a 3rd to bring the old units back to life. The remotes were easy to take apart and clean, and the boards were a breeze to install. I put the remotes back together and it was like they had discovered the fountain of youth. These are definitely worth every penny! Don’t throw out that old remote give these a try, you will literally save hundreds of dollars and be glad you did.

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Bought & installed two and both went in without a hitch and the

I have two of these MX-900 remotes for different systems in our house and for a while now have been fighting with keeping the buttons working. The paint-on stuff does not stick well to the silicone rubber and had to be redone every few months as it would flake off. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that silicone oil was leaching out of the silicone rubber over time and, when the oil was not causing the repair dots to fall off, it was getting between the button contact surfaces and the mating contact surface on the Printed Circuit (PC) board and compromising the ability of the button contact to electrically "close the circuit" when pressed. All in all, I was getting quite frustrated and I went looking again for other remotes or better repair options when Google this time turned up this P1Repair option. I understood how this repair was engineered to work and it looked quite promising. I ordered two and they arrived (nseparate first-class mail envelopes) less than a week later (not bad considering they crossed the country). It took me about 30 minutes to install each one and that included time to disassemble each remote, clean the old repair detritus from the buttons and circuit board, install the repair keypad and reassemble and test the remote. Two especially nice things I like about this repair method is that it does not require anything to be adhered to the silicone rubber keypad and it also manages to seal the circuit board contacts from any oil (or other liquid) that might come from or get past the keypad. It's nice that a video of the repair is available, and it reasonably depicts the process. Having had much prior experience disassembling and reassembling these remotes, I can say that, for popping open the case of the remote, rather than using a small flat-blade screwdriver (which can be rather blunt to fit into the tiny crack between the case halves and may booger up the plastic if forced to do so) to do the prying, I prefer the edge of my somewhat dull Swiss army pocket knife blade. And, as I progressively pry around the crack/case to get it open, I slip in flat wooden toothpicks to keep the crack that has already been opened from inadvertently snapping back together. I can say that the adhesive that holds the repair keypad to the circuit board is quite aggressive and I needed to be careful to apply as little pressure to it as possible as I was working to get things lined up properly. There were probably close to a dozen times that I decided that I could do better with the alignment and went on to pull the repair keypad free of the PC board before trying again. The repair keypad was not cut so as to be a perfect fit to my two PC boards, but it was certainly close enough to not be a problem and to still work properly. I only mention this because at some point you need to realize that "perfect" is not attainable and you just need to shoot for "good enough" as you fuss around trying for the best alignment of holes in the repair keypad to holes or other features on the PC board, or the amount of overhang from the keypad to the PC board and the alignment of the contact points on the repair keypad to their corresponding contact points on the PC board.I think at this point, these remotes are now permanently fixed and I’m so sure of that that I’ve ordered another used MX-900 off of Ebay to act as a backup to these should either every die electrically because now I sure that I have a good solution to the one problem that I felt these remotes had. You can bet that I’ll be ordering a third one of these repair kits as soon as I have confirmed that the third remote is electrically functional.

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Thanks, Ben, our Genesis universal remote works better than ever

After 10+ years of daily workouts, I thought our (very expensive) remote had finally had it. Your online video showed how to replace the keypad membrane, but I was too chicken to try replacing it myself. Thanks to your "replace it for me" service, our remote is working great! "Better than ever," says Grandma, and if she's happy, everybody's happy. Thanks for your expert help and prompt service.