Panasonic KX-TGA450b Keypad Button Repair
  • Panasonic KX-TGA450b Keypad Button Repair
  • Panasonic KX-TGA450b Keypad Button Repair

Panasonic KX-TGA450b Keypad Button Repair

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KX-TGA450b Membrane Keypad Repair Kit

Do-It-Yourself: Install the membrane yourself 
Installation: Send your phone in for installation
ǂ Repair Service: Includes repairing problems other than buttons (Read details below)
For installation and repair the shipping charge is for returning it after service. Shipping the item(s) in for service is required and not included

Permanently repairs rubber keypad buttons by replacing the conductive material.

Your keypad fails when the conductive pad wears out and silicone oils seep from the keypad. This gooey paste blocks electrical conductivity and stops the switch from working. Membrane keypads block the oil from reaching the circuit board and offer a new conductor that cannot break down like rubber conductors do. 

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  • 1 Laser cut 3M membrane keypad
  • Printed instructions
  • On-line videos and email support

If you are comfortable opening your phone you can repair your own keypad

  • Remove the back housing and circuit board
  • Clean the keypad and circuit board with isopropyl alcohol
  • Peel the back paper off the brown spacer - Stick spacer to circuit board
  • Peel the top paper off the brown spacer
  • Stick the black conductor onto the top of the spacer
  • Reassemble your phone - Test all the buttons

Our membrane keypads are custom cut for each model phone.
Please make sure you are ordering the correct part.


MAXIMUM 2 PHONES (two) sent in at the same time
Repair service is something I do in the evenings after the day has wound down. Large repair orders cannot be completed in that time so they end up being delayed until I have a larger time block, which rarely happens.

Repair for these problems (Important! remember to send a problem description with your items)
Buttons by default (they all have button problems)
No sound or garbled sound in the receiver
Phone resets
LCD blank
Broken antenna
Battery contact upgrade

PLEASE do not send in phones with multiple serious problems. Some phones sent in are an obvious basket case. Dirty, worn with a broken antenna that has already been repaired once with epoxy, etc... If the phone has a broken antenna AND a bad keypad AND a blank display then you need a replacement phone, not repair. If you aren't sure, please send me a message with photos and describe the problems. CONTACT 

At I have no easy way of adjusting the order after you place it. I cannot add or remove services. I can't easily account for unrepairable phones or requests for a new battery, etc.. This service is intended for OK looking phones that have a hard to press keypad and one other simple problem. If the phone was crushes, left out in the rain for a week, covered in epoxy, chewed on by a 200lb dog... please do not send it in unless you are donating it for parts. 

Common confusing problem: Charging issues, wont charge, resets, always says low battery
1) Is your battery old or a cheap replacement? (I only recommend KASTAR brand)

2) The nickel plated battery contacts weaken and wear over many years. The phone is shaken and the battery loses contact for just a moment... this causes the phone to reset and often the phone forgets the battery level (which is mostly a guess anyway) so the phone cuts off your call and says the battery needs charging (even if it really doesn't). Then you charge the battery which over-charges it creating heat and wearing the battery out sooner. But that doesn't solve the real issue where the battery can lose contact when the phone is shaken or disturbed. Ironically faster shaking is less likely to cause the issue making this hard to notice or test.  
This is fixed in every phone I work on because it is common and repairing it is easier than testing for it.

3) The phone can have a software glitch that causes it to reset when used. Resetting will erase battery level memory. Most common is when the phone rings or when you try to use it. This glitch also usually causes the phone to take longer than 3 seconds to boot up when a fully charged battery is inserted. Some phones take 5 or 10 seconds or up to 10 minutes. Longer than 3 seconds means a battery problem OR the phone glitch issue.  This glitch only occurs when your phone connects to your base using the radio. If you take the phone far away from the base, the radio never connects and it won't reset. Frustrating is the fact that this issue will usually only happen with ONE base unit. So an effected phone may seem to work fine on any other system including my test system! When the phone is registered to a new base the glitch may go away but you cannot re-register the same phone to the same base because the base remembers the old phone's serial number even if you de-register it. 
This problem requires the EEPROM to be re-programmed using a direct wired connection and external hardware. There is no factory reset that will solve it. Sometimes the EEPROM will fail programming and require replacing.    

Battery level: 

This is very confusing for everyone. Electronic circuits cannot check battery health. The best they can do it try and track battery usage. The battery voltage can hint that the battery is fully charged (if voltage is maxed) or low charge (with a low voltage) but some batteries act differently. SO fully charged VS dead is easier to read but most of the in between levels are guesswork by software trying to track battery level. Some batteries have built in circuitry to track battery health but most do not. Some devices have memory for the battery health but if the battery is removed the device doesn't know if the same battery is inserted or if it's a different one, so it needs to guess... or what usually happens is the device will assume the battery is low and needs charging. 

If your device is frequently resetting for any reason and the battery level is being forgotten, the device will probably tell you to charge the battery even when it doesn't need it. This will create more heat than usual when charging and if done repeatedly it will degrade your battery much faster, shortening it's useful life. 


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Panasonic Phone Success

Membrane keypad installation worked just as presented. Saved me from finding and purchasing a new wireless headset phone which is exceedingly difficult today. Written directions are clear and concise, and the edition of a computer video makes it even simpler for those who are visual learners. Well worth the minimal investment of eight dollars.

star star star star star


so far so good. easy to install and appears to work as advertised. Also the video helped repair some other phones that we were having problems with the batteries. Would have paid that amount for just the info.

star star star star star

KX-TGA450b Button Repair Kit

I am very satisfied with the repair to my keypad on my Panasonic KX-TGA450b handset. The video was excellent and made the repair extremely easy.

star star star star star

works as described

quick service, works like a charm at a great price

star star star star star

Works like a charm

The last time I had trouble with one of these phones I just bought a new one for under $100. Now there are $330 so I had to find a different solution. I bought one kit and the installation video made it simple to do. The worthless phone is now working properly again and I just ordered three more sets for additional phones that were starting to act up. You can buy with confidence!