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    Read shipping reviews on your country that previous customers wrote about their experience 

    (This is NEW April 2022 so it will take some time to build up comments)

    International orders are sent by Letter Envelope with no tracking

    international-envelope International Postage for small orders is $2.50 USD 

    A photo will be taken of your shipping envelope and sent to your email address. This provides confirmation that your order is mailing out, allows you to check the address for errors and lets you know what to look for.

    Letter envelopes are fast and inexpensive. Packages with tracking start at $16 USD for postage and are slower than letter mail making it unreasonable to ship small flat orders by package. International letter mail skips customs and typically takes 1-4 weeks to arrive (depending on your country).  Mail is significantly slower around holidays, especially late November through January 

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