World Wide Letter Envelope (International)

Most ButtonWorx™ orders are small, thin and eligible to ship by plain old letter envelope

A photo of your envelope will be taken and sent to the email address used for the order

  • This lets you know what to keep an eye out for
  • Allows you to verify the mailing address
  • Faster, because it does not go through customs 




 USA Letter Envelope (Domestic)

*IMPORTANT: Only tracking updates from sorting machines are real.


Tracking Updates:

Scanned at USPS Sort Facility = REAL! (A USPS machine scanned your barcode, YA!)

Scanned at Destination Post OfficeYour letter was sent to a local post office, but post offices cannot scan envelopes

Delivered in Mailbox (or similar) =  Bogus! This is a filler for a tracking update only used for packages. USPS does not scan envelopes or mark them as delivered. In ideal circumstances with USPS running at 200% efficiency, your letter will be delivered this day. However, that is NEVER the case!  USPS Cannot tell you where the letter is. No human can! So don't waste your time trying to contact USPS or talk to your delivery person. Most mail is delivered in a few days but it can take weeks and nobody knows in advance when that will be. 

PLEASE: Do not message me saying that tracking shows your letter was delivered but that it wasn't in your mailbox. That is normal and expected. You simply have to wait for USPS to get around to delivering it. I know it's confusing, but I don't have any control over these "updates".  

ALL tracking updates for envelope mail that are not from sorting machines are automated guesswork and usually wrong. As of April '23 these guesses are way off most of the time. Some are even complete nonsense like arrived at sorting facility in CO at 6:27am, Out For Delivery 6:28am.  OR Delivered at Mailbox 3:15am etc...  No human worker will ever scan letter mail. (ONLY SORTING MACHINES SCAN ENVELOPES)
Local post offices, employees and delivery drivers have no possible way of updating tracking

Tracking link:

Tracking is provided by LetterTrack (




This service uses USPS Informed Delivery to provide information about when the envelope passes through major US-Mail hubs. It works most of the time (whenever the letter is scanned by a sorting machine) It does not work when a human scans it.

  • Tracking only updates when run through a sorting machine
  • It does not include pickup or delivery (only in transit scans)
  • Email updates are sent to the email used in the order
    Tracking emails sent from:
  • While rare, it is possible for the envelope to be delivered without any tracking updates.
    For example, if the barcode is unreadable or there is any problem that prevents machine sorting. 

Envelope shipping is fast and reliable. In the busy holiday season they can be more reliable than tracked packages because they do not require humans to scan the package. Most backups at USPS are due to the bottleneck of human interaction. You can expect the order to arrive within 1 week (fastest on the east coast) HOWEVER, there can be delays (just as there are with tracked packages). 

Sometimes I see tracked packages that were placed on the wrong truck. They can travel thousands of miles in the wrong direction and take extra time for USPS to find the item and send it back on the correct path. The same can happen with letter mail but you just don't know the details. Tracking doesn't help much when problems arise anyway. You can look at the tracking and see there is a problem but they never tell you if or when that problem will be fixed, so you still have just to wait and hope it shows up soon. 

USPS has no way to prevent the eventual delivery of a delayed order (tracked or not) and there is no point in contacting USPS for more information, they don't have any



Out For Delivery

Letter mail tracking scans are at major sorting machines only. There is literally no way for anyone to know when the letter will be out for delivery. LetterTrack's guess does not take into account heavy work loads, low employee turnout, holiday season, local emergencies, etc...

Let me repeat: NOBODY knows when letters will be out for delivery, not even your local post office or delivery driver. If your envelope does not arrive on the "out for delivery" date, that is completely normal and even expected.

There is one way to know when the envelope will (probably) be out for delivery 
Sign up for informed delivery at USPS and receive photos of your mail sent to your email address daily