After so many successful repairs on a variety of remotes and controllers using your ButtonWorx repair buttons I knew it was finally time for me to thank you and give some very enthusiastic feedback to acknowledge your truly fantastic product.  I had tried various methods of cleaning circuit boards and also the backside of the rubber push buttons, while advancing (?) to some of the graphite paint-on products.  None of these methods produced any positive or lasting results.  Then one day I discovered your ButtonWorx on Amazon.  The description sounded very good and I decided to give the Universal Kit a try.  My first effort went into an experiment with an old worn-out DISH satellite receiver controller.  I have several receivers; all have been notorious for failing.  It has never been that big a problem because on our DISH plan we receive free replacements.  I decided to practice on one of the dead remotes to see if ButtonWorx would work.  It was a very pleasant surprise when I found that indeed various non-working buttons on the remote had returned to life.  Eureka, success…!!

ButtonWorx 29 button kit