Obviously, I am a very enthusiastic supporter of your ButtonWorx buttons and recommend anyone needing remote or controller repairs to not waste the time, energy, and money on cleaning, painting on graphite, aluminum foil or any of the other snake oil refurbishment products or processes that are so prevalent on the internet.  Do it right the first time with ButtonWorx buttons – they work.
Thank you again, very sincerely,
Richard E. Bunting 


Today I just finished another project, and it was absolutely the easiest repair of all.  And the best part is that your product saved me over $3000.00.  I have a Xantrex RS2000 inverter in my motorhome that (knock on wood) has worked perfectly for well over ten years.  Unfortunately the control panel unit had begun showing signs of not responding to the buttons that control the entire programming and operation of the inverter; and this unit does indeed have a great many functions that are extremely important.  I searched and searched for a replacement panel, absolutely none were available.  I had talked with the folks at Xantrex and they too had no replacements as they had upgraded the RS2000 to a newer model and along with it had changed to another control panel.  Both control panels are physically identical on the outside, but the buttons on the newer upgraded panel control completely different functions.  Xantrex also had no replacement parts for my panel.  At this point I gave some thought to buying the upgraded, but not compatible, control panel  for about $250.00 and take it apart just so I could get at the rubber strip with the four function buttons to install in the old control panel.  My very last resort was to replace the inverter only because of the unavailability of a replacement control panel.  This would have been a very difficult decision to make.  A new inverter, control panel, and automatic generator start unit would run over $2000.00 with another $500 to $1,000 for labor. 

With all of the above in mind I thought I would try one last possibility. I opened the Xantrex control panel and see if Button Worx buttons could be used.  Having never opened one of these panels before I was surprised how easy it was with just four screws on the back to give access to the circuit board.  That board was well secured, but I was able to detach it from the front faceplate to access the rubber strip with the four control buttons.  I immediately found this controller no different than any of the other types of remotes that I had repaired.   

The repair on the Xantrex control panel went very smoothly with absolutely no problems, and I was able to test the unit in less than an hour.  The unit now operates beautifully with only a very light touch required to run through the many programmed functions – I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Of course this success wasn’t a total surprise considering all the controllers that I have repaired with your ButtonWorx buttons.  Your buttons have never failed to return all of the units to 100% functionality. 


I then advanced to the important remotes.  I have an Onkyo TX NR1008 tuner-amplifier that is a terrific piece of equipment but the remote’s volume buttons were slowly but surely failing.  I searched unsuccessfully for a replacement remote, finding only a few new ones but in the ridiculous $250.00 price range.  I finally found a replacement on Amazon that described the unit as the exact model an RC-771M, and it was very reasonably priced.  I placed the order and when it arrived it was not as advertised but instead an RC-743M.  It was close in functions, but still lacked certain features of the original.  It did, however, have working volume buttons.  The solution, use two remotes to get the desired functions from the tuner-amplifier.  Sounds good?  Not quite, the volume buttons, those most used of course, on the “Made In China” el cheapo remote lasted about three weeks.  At this point I still had more buttons from the original ButtonWorx kit and decided I would give them a try?  I used two more Button Worx buttons on the replacement controller, and it was a total success.  I figured I had nothing to lose by attempting to repair RC-771M.  The result, another complete success!  Now I have two remotes that have been going strong for well over a year; and I mean these things work perfectly.