Received and installed yesterday.
Great product, works great.
Thanks a lot

Customer photos of Akai GX-F90 Cassette Deck Button Repair 

Using ButtonWorx™ Universal buttons FOUND HERE 

ButtonWorx™ membrane keypads stick to the circuit board, not to the rubber keypad. Nothing sticks to rubber which is why 100% of repair attempts to "fix" rubber keypads fail. Instead, ButtonWorx™ membranes are a NEW thin keypad you insert between the old buttons and the circuit board. This turns your old rubber keypad switch into a rubber "key cap" that presses down on the new ButtonWorx™ membrane switch. 

ButtonWorx™ material does not wear out, cannot fall off and will never peel flake or chip. Shelf life is far longer than 20 years (that's how long I've been using this material)  and I have tested these in a machine that pressed the button 3 times per second for over 1 million button presses with no degradation in conductivity or operation. The machine broke twice in testing, the buttons did not!